Casting & Agent

Casting Service

We cast TV personalities, negotiate contracts and manage casting agreements regarding TV commercials, printed independent advertisements, PR events, Internet-combined advertisements, auditions, and other advertisement-related procedures.Any cast of TV personalities, cultural or sport figures can be arranged. We have data on TV personalities’ advertisement-appearance contracts and profiles to accommodate your urgent presentation needs.

We offer:
  1. Participation in planning a meeting regarding the cast.
  2. Proposal using the candidate cast list based on target users of the product, advertisement concept, TV personalities’ image, age, and contracts with competitor companies.
  3. Negotiation for appearance in advertisement using our rich human network and know-how based on our substantial experience:
    We conduct negotiations with candidate TV personalities by presenting an overview of the advertisement plan (agreement on ad continuity), possible infringement issues with competitor companies and adjustments to their schedule; we guarantee to confirm whether the TV personality will agree or not to appear in the advertisement.

We adjust the cast’s schedule and participate in all activities related to the advertisement, such as discussions with the cast, costume fitting, shooting recording, sales promotion, and keeping in touch with the companies to facilitate the process.

  • Checking of Products

    We swiftly conduct the checking process, such as offline checks of the created TV commercial for the cast, and color proof of the printed advertisement.

  • Drafting of Contracts and Advertisement-Appearance Contract Management

    On the off chance that unexpected problems or accidents may arise, we assume responsibility for legal management by assigning exclusive lawyers to come up with appropriate solutions.

  • During the contracted period, we regularly provide the client companies and ad agencies with information about the cast’s activities.