Proceed was established as a TV commercial casting company in 1989, when the idea of a talent-casting company was not very popular. We acquired our know-how by trial and error through our work. Currently, thanks to the cooperation of many talent agencies in various fields, we recommend many actors and artists to client companies.

In order to meet the rapidly changing times, we also launched affiliated companies as an active commitment to the Internet businesses of the creation and operation of the official websites of actors and artists, cell phone ringtone websites, and membership children's model business. We consider evolving and quickly responding to the times is a process of further contributing to our customer clients and the media industry.

We believe that the efforts to expand and enhance our network by always providing advanced information and services based on our evolution, as well as comprehensively supporting the promotion of actors and artists and their advertisement business have led to talent casting and contract management that meets client expectations.

We will continue to be sensitive to the changing times and create a number of businesses so that we will be able to further provide quality services as a good business partner. We thank you for your continued support of Proceed.

Hiroaki Ishikawa
President and CEO
Proceed Co., Ltd.