Casting & Agent

Our Unique Proposal

PROCEED integrates Talent Casting and Talent Agency Service to achieve smoother response and proposals that are not offered by traditional casting and talent agencies.

Casting Service for Companies that want to

  • Make an offer to artists and celebrities to represent the company
  • Make a talked-about advertisement by using a popular actor or artist
  • Use a fashion model from women’s magazines for their product catalog
  • Conduct a live concert or talk show as a PR event
  • Sponsor a lecture with cultural figures
  • Conduct a dialogue with a TV personality or cultural figure matching the theme of their tie-up magazine advertisement
  • Place an interview with a star (TV personality) on their website
  • Use the music of an artist that matches the TV commercial plan

Agency Service for Talent Agencies that

  • Do not know how to promote their stars to companies and ad agencies for commercials and advertisements
  • Do not have the time or personnel to promote their stars to companies and agencies for commercials and advertisements
  • Lack the necessary expertise needed in making contracts
  • Need help in finalizing advertisement- appearance contracts using their own network of companies and ad agencies
  • Lack the know-how of conducting a large-scale promotion of their new stars